Books I’m currently reading

  1. Empire’s Crossroads: A New History of the Caribbean – Carrie Gibson
  2. Devoted to God – Sinclair Ferguson
  3. Why the Reformation still matters (audiobook) – Tim Chester & Mike Reeves
  4. Institutes of the Christian Religion – Book 2 – John Calvin & translated by Battles
  5. Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy – Anne Lamott
  6. The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God – D. A. Carson

Books I’ve read in 2018

  1. United – Trillia Newbell (A personal call for Christian diversity)
  2. Great by Choice – Jim Collins (In uncertain times, great organizations have more than luck)
  3. Paul and the Law – Brian S. Rosner (Biblical overview of the Christian’s relation to the law)
  4. The Whole Christ – Sinclair Ferguson – Audiobook – (Legalism, Antinomianism and Gospel Assurance)
  5. Married to God – Christopher Ash (Book’s motto: Sex in the service to God)
  6. How Jesus Runs the Church – Guy Waters (Helpful guide to Presbyterian church structure)
  7. Augustine on the Christian Life – Gerald Bray (Historical & theological look at the North African theological giant)
  8. The New City Catechism Devotional – Keller, etc. (52 daily devotions from various authors based upon the NC Catechism)
  9. The Priority of Preaching – Christopher Ash (Great little book on the importance of preaching)
  10. Grounded in the Gospel – J.I. Packer & Gary Parrett (Kindle) (How do we pass along gospel truth? Catechisms!)
  11. Don’t they make a Lovely Couple? – John & Ann Benton (Short book on marriage prep)

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