Are you a farmer? Me neither

Often in Jesus’ teaching, he uses everyday terminology for his original listeners. And many times that “everyday terminology” is agrarian.  In Mark 4:3, we read that Jesus said,  “Listen! Behold, a sower went out to sow.”


But there’s a problem because most of you are like me.  I don’t know that much about farming. Do you?  How does a sower go out to sow? Many of us have never planted a seed let alone planted a whole field by hand. 

And yet we read our bibles casually as if we were an expert farmer from the Middle East who easily understands the “everyday terminology” that Jesus uses.

Christian, you are not a farmer.  (Even you are, you’re not from the ancient Near East!!)  You do not understand farming from your everyday life. This is just one example of the work to be done. Good work – rewarding work – but real work, if you are going to understand Jesus’ teaching. 

We call this work “hermeneutices” and here’s a short overview featuring  New City member, Israel Kolade.

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