Marinate in God’s love!

Keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life. ~ Jude 21

This summer, we grilled out in our back garden with friends.  And the meat was delicious because Josephine makes a special marinade for the meat.

But you know how marinade works don’t you?  You don’t just dip the meat in and pull it out and immediately to put the meat on the grill.  NO!

Josephine made the marinade the night before.  She mixed all the spices and sauces.  She poured it over the meat to let it soak in those fabulous juices for over 12 hours.

THEN you put the meat on the grill.  THEN you get some good tasting meat!!

This reminds me of how we relate to the love of God expressed in the finished work of Jesus.

You can’t just hear the good news once.  You need to marinate in God’s love.  Why?

Cause we know we don’t deserve God’s love. We question, “Can this good news really be true?”  We know the mess we make of our lives.

So we need hear the good news of the gospel again and again and again.  On Sundays with our brothers and sisters in worship. And during the week in books.  And in recorded teaching. And in personal conversations and in bible studies and in….

You’ve accepted the good news.  Great!

Now you need to marinate in the love of God.

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