You got rocks in your head!?!

When I was a child my grandfather (Buck Hatch whose teaching you can listen to  at  used to tease me by saying, “What’s wrong with you?  You got rocks in your head?!” 

I’d do something stupid like 10-year-old boys often do, and out would come the “rocks in your head” comment in a joyful way that only a grandfather can say to his grandson. 

What’s the problem with having rocks in your head?  

On the most basic level – the problem with having a rock in your head is that there is no life in a rock!  

If we go to an art museum we see beautiful sculptures made out of stone.  These may inspire us to think good thoughts or peaceful. But do these stone statues really help us in any way?  No – these statues have no life in them.  

Some folks view Jesus in this way – he is like a stone statue that inspires us.  Jesus lived a good life and taught us many good things.  

This is true, but if Jesus is just an example from long ago who showed us the way to live life, then we’ve made him into a stone statue.  He may inspire us to try harder but in reality, we have to go out and do the hard work of life.

In I Peter 2:4, Jesus is called a “living stone”.  Peter uses a metaphor here to let us know that he is beautiful and worthy of building our life upon. But Jesus isn’t just a stone statue.  He’s the LIVING STONE. 

Peter wants us to remember that there is a MAJOR difference between Jesus and a statue.  Jesus is alive!  And he has the power to bring change in our world and your life. 

Do you view Jesus as a stone statue that’s worthy of admiration?  If so, maybe you’re the one with rocks in your head!

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