The pain is real!!!

Have you ever been hurt by someone else?  

Now, even in asking that question, I must admit that it’s a bit silly cause I know we’ve all been hurt by other people.  Human beings are sinners.  We’re selfish and don’t naturally look out for the good of others.  We don’t naturally sacrifice our desires in order to benefit others. 

I know you’ve been sinned against.  

What I don’t know is the degree of that pain.

For some of us it’s major.  We’ve been violated sexually or assaulted physically or abandoned as a child or verbally abused in ways that go beyond comprehension.

For others of us it’s fairly minor.  At least it seems fairly minor but those little cuts have added up over the years to create pain that is real.

We live in a fallen world which is marked by evil.  Sometimes the caricature of Christians is that we blissfully walk through life pretending everything is wonderful because Jesus is with us. But the Christian scriptures speak to the reality that life is hard.

The bible is brutally honest with the evil in this world.  We see suffering by God’s people all through scripture culminating with the ugly death of Jesus.  We even have songs written – we call them Psalms – which can help us cry out to God in our pain.

Listen to how David expresses his frustration in Psalm 69:
I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me.
I am worn out calling for help; my throat is parched.
My eyes fail, looking for my God. (Ps 69:2–3)

Let the Psalms of lament give you words to express the fact that you’ve been sinned against.  There are many Psalms which fit into the “Lament” category – read Psalm 3 and 13 and 22 and 28 to get started.

These poems express anger and sadness and even despair.  They can give you voice to the valid frustrations you have.  When you have feelings that God doesn’t care and that life isn’t going the way you planned.  Go to the Psalms of lament to give you a voice to express your feelings in a God honouring way.

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