Our Mobile World Offers Opportunities and Challenges

This month New City Church will be welcoming visitors for New City’s R7 Week, as well as the “Philly Team” who are returning to assist us in our annual “Kids Club” at White City. I’m thankful for these groups as they bring energy, money, and a passion to serve the Lord. It also provides us an opportunity for all of us to expand our understanding of God’s Kingdom.

The mobile world we live in offers the opportunity to travel like never before. And with this travel comes wonderful joy as we are able to visit places former generations only dreamed of. But our mobile world also brings challenges as people leave their country of birth for new opportunities or to flee hostilities. Differences in language, cultural background, and belief systems can lead to conflicts that just didn’t happen in years past.

For the church, the mobile world has been used by God to bring people into the Kingdom who had absolutely no connection to Christians in their home context. Josephine and I know a number of people who have come to faith here in England because they finally met a follower of Jesus. And we all know that London is a city where this mobile reality is multiplied to the extreme.

My prayer is that New City would be a community for all people to worship and serve King Jesus for the time they are with us.


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