Multilingual Prayer & Praise

Ever wondered what it would be like to sing God’s praises in Italian, Hindi, Swahili, Lingala, Portuguese and English (of course!!) with a little Arabic, Korean and Spanish thrown in?

Well, your chance is coming to do just that!  Join us on 8 July as New City hosts a Multi-ethnic and multilingual evening of prayer and praise. 

Let’s Pray for Those Impacted by the Grenfell Fire

My friend, Philippa Robb, has written a helpful summary of how we can pray after the horrific fire just a mile from where we worship in Shepherd’s Bush. As Paul states in Romans 12, may we “weep with those who weep” and seek to “overcome evil with good”.  And in it all, may the name of the Lord be praised! 

Can we remember those who died in the very places they should have been at their safest.

Can we remember those who have lost family, friends and precious possessions. Many of those living in Grenfell House were from refugee or poor backgrounds who already were burdened with life’s big issues and now have the added burden of having to start again – some carrying immense grief in their hearts.

Can we pray for swift resolution for them – they need somewhere to live and they need to be given the option to stay in their community rather than being shifted to the outer reaches of far East London.

Can we remember the emergency services – the fire, police, doctors, nurses, social workers, support workers, religious leaders; that the Lord strengthens them all and provides them with deep wisdom as this situation unfolds.

Can we also pray for the newly-elected MP, for the local authority and for the landlord; that despite the difficult questions that will need to be answered and the heads that will inevitably roll, it is the community that benefits and not the skin that is saved at the community’s cost. That this tragedy is never repeated.

Can we pray for the organisations that have thrown open their doors to beleaguered residents. The churches, the mosques, the community centres and the Westway Sports Centre.

And finally, can we pray for the media and for calm. For calm on the streets; for the peace and the protection of London. We have so much to be thankful for. We have life. Let’s pray, let’s give thanks and let’s live each moment to the full.

Co-belligerents with our Muslim Friends

I posted the following on Facebook after the recent terrorist attack here in London. It obviously struck a cord as it was shared many, many times.

Here’s the statement from the Muslim Council of Britain in regards to last night’s attack. Christians need to stand together as co-belligerents with our Muslim friends to work against terror in order to make London better for all.

What is a “co-belligerent”? Francis Schaeffer states it well: “A co-belligerent is a person with whom I do not agree on all sorts of vital issues, but who, for whatever reasons of their own is on the same side in a fight for some specific issue of public justice.”

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