Pastor, What Do You Do All Day?

Sometimes, I’ve had people ask me “What do you do all day? Don’t pastors just work one day a week?”

My work as the pastor of New City Church is involves a variety of activities which vary day to day.  Private prayer & study, preaching & teaching, meetings & talking to people one-on-one, as well as administration & various other tasks (Who’s going to change that lightbulb?)

Yesterday was a good long day which provides a snapshot of my work.  Although my days are not normally this long, it was a day which touched many of my responsibilities.

7am – Drove a Korean-American university student, who had been staying at our flat, to Hammersmith in order for her to catch the tube to Heathrow
8am – Read (Confessing the Faith by Chad Van Dixhoorn, Brothers we are Not Professionals by John Piper, and The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller)
9:15am – Attended the New City staff prayer meeting
10:15am – Met with two men (Marcus and Oong) who are growing in leadership at New City. We discussed Marcus’ upcoming sermon from Genesis 16 and verbally worked through a few theological questions
12pm – Lunch with a young Iraqi from New City who’s preparing to fly to Sweden to visit his family
1:30pm – Nap for 20 min (Got to squeeze in my nap!!)
2:30pm – Josephine and I met with someone who’s struggling
3:30pm – Joined “Open Church” during which I had extended conversations with an Irish man who’s nephew had recently died, a young teen I hadn’t seen in a year, and a homeless man who writes poetry. During this time, I stepped aside for a 20 minute phone call with a former New City apprentice who’s now in seminary
5pm – Closed “Open Church” in prayer, had a short conversation about a toilet without a working light and walked home in the rain
6pm – Hoovered the flat, took out rubbish and helped with a few other items as Josephine was cooking
7pm – A young couple arrived for dinner. She’s from New City, while he’s from another London church. They’ve recently started dating and this was the first time Josephine and I were able to have long conversations with the two of them together
12:30am – Couple left

I’m tired just reading that. But thankfully the day before was a quiet day with no meetings!


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