Noah and the Whale

I played a little trick on the good folks at New City Church yesterday. Here was the start of my sermon:

Most of you know probably know the story of Noah. Remember that God told him to build a big ark and after many years it started raining. A violent storm suddenly came up and the boat was tossed and turned on the waves.  

Finally, the people threw Noah off the boat and the storm died down. Noah was swallowed by a giant whale. After three days he was spit out on the beach and he went on to preach like he should have done in the first place.

Don’t remember that one? Good! Because I mixed Noah and Jonah – two men who’s lives involved a large boat but not much else. The details of these bible stories are important!

You may have vague ideas about them, but honestly you need to know the details. God teaches us through the stories – they were written down for a purpose. Read them over and over. Know their stories!

Thankfully people caught on pretty quickly and started to question, laugh and even shout at me as I spoke. They’re a tough bunch – couldn’t even slip a little “fish story” past them!

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