Scandalous Grace in Genesis

This last week at New City Church, we started a new sermon series entitled Scandalous Grace in Genesis”.   Over the coming 11 weeks, we’ll look at the characters we find in the first book of the bible.

The temptation, when we read the bible, is to hold the biblical “heroes” up as examples for us to aim for. But as we look closer at the men and women featured in Genesis, we’ll see deep flaws in each person’s life.

  • How can we recommend as an example Adam, who stood by, watched his wife fall and then joined her in rebellion against God?
  • Or Noah who passed out naked and drunk?
  • Or Abraham who lied about his wife twice, giving her away to another man to save his own skin?
  • Or Sarah who laughed at the promises of God?
  • Or Jacob who tricked his brother out of the birthright?
  • Or Joseph who was an arrogant little brat of a brother?

Hopefully, you will not hear at New City that any of the characters we feature are the hero of the story. Because there is only one hero in the bible: Jesus, the promised Messiah.

After the resurrection, we read in Luke 24 that Jesus met with two of the disciples. Verse 27 states, “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he (Jesus) interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” All the bible is about Jesus – Old and New Testament.

In Genesis, we discover that God uses flawed people for His purposes. In various ways, we see characters pointing to a future redeemer who is not flawed. Each life making up a small part of the story of redemption which we see God orchestrating over the course of the bible.

My prayer is that as we look at these scandalous characters in Genesis in the coming weeks, God’s people will see God’s grace at work in their lives as well. For God continues to use flawed people for His purposes right here in London. 

The scandalous grace we see in Genesis continues on today.  And for that, I give God the glory!

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