Grandma’s Kitchen

I remember various times when I was “starving” as I walked into my grandma’s kitchen.  And how she loved to torture me!  She would cook up a storm but then  not let me eat. Why?  It wasn’t time yet.

Grandma Schrock and 12 of her great-grandchildren

I could snatch a bit when no one’s not looking, but the full meal had to wait…..see & smell, hunger pains, a little taste but….

The resurrection is similar. We’ve all walked into God’s kitchen and He’s up to something special. We see a little hope and we hear of joy breaking out out. We sort-of see good news – but the meal’s not fully ready yet.

For the resurrection of Jesus is not the final part of God’s work.

It’s the beginning.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is huge – it’s the turning point of world history. But there is more to come.

Now we all know the hunger pains – real pain for something more. We face sickness – physical and emotional. We see the pain in the form of racism, drunkenness, sexual exploitation – the list could go on and on.

We all know there is something wrong with life.

This is where secular thought struggles to cope. For if what we see is all we get – then you better get all you can. And forget about calling for an end to oppression to the vulnerable and the end of violence to women – for it’s survival of the fittest out here.

The strong move move on and the weak get trampled on.

But the God of the bible says, “No! I’m am cooking up to something good.”

Your hunger pains are real. This is the way God has made us as men and women in His image.

We know there must be something more than what we see around us. And there is! The resurrection of Jesus is just the foretaste. (1 Cor 15:20-28)

God has something better for the world and for each of His children as well.

Celebrate Easter this Sunday by worshiping the God who says “The tears will be wiped away for I’ve got something good coming!”  

And may you eat something good this Easter – maybe even at your Grandma’s house!

P.S. You can read the eulogy I wrote for Grandma Schrock here

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