The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

With April now here, I’m so glad we are moving into “the most wonderful time of the year!”

Now if you think I’ve confused Christmas with Easter, maybe you’ve embraced the sentimental values of our culture instead of the values God expects of His people.

I love Christmas, both the celebration of the incarnation and the sentimental family celebrations that our Western culture promotes. But biblically and historically, Easter weekend should be the highlight of the Christian’s calendar.

Historically, some Presbyterians refused to celebrate Easter (or any church holiday) because they thought we should be celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus every Sunday. I understand why some would think this, as there have been major misunderstandings and abuses of the holidays in the past.

At New City IPC, we do want to weekly celebrate God’s goodness through the person and work of Jesus. But, we also know there are benefits to place a special emphasis on the historic weekend which marks the climax of God’s redemptive plan.

Due to the historic nature of the church in England, this is a time when it is appropriate to invite your non-Christian friends to church. May the Lord give you boldness to invite folks to worship every weekend, but on Easter weekend, we’ve been given a cultural opening. Go for it!

In addition to thinking about friends you can invite to church, I pray that you would spend the coming weeks to especially contemplate the death and resurrection of Jesus. God has been good to his people! On the cross, our sins have been paid for. And the resurrection displays both the first fruits of God’s renewal of all things, as well as an assurance of our resurrection.

I pray that we at New City celebrate Jesus’ work every weekend in Spirit and truth. And as we walk through “the most wonderful time of the year,” I pray that God would renew our love for Him as well as our neighbors who do not know the wonder of these days.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

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