My Top 10 Books: 2016

Last year was my most prolific reading year ever as I finished 51 books.  Starting the year on sabbatical and finishing without kids in the home allowed for more reading time. This is the seventh year that I’ve posted my list of “Top 10 Books” – other years are linked under the “Books” tab on the left.

These are the books that stuck with me; stretched my thinking and allowed me to look at our world a little differently.

  1. A New Testament Biblical Theology – G. K. Beale This has to be one of the longest and best books I’ve ever read.  Beale works his way through themes of scripture tying the entire biblical storyline together. It took most of the year to read but was well worth it.
  2. The Allure of Gentleness – Dallas Willard Kindness is the key to evangelism.  Yes – we must use words to share the gospel but they should be connected to loving actions.
  3. Being Mortal – Atul Gawande  We all face the reality of death – our own death and the death of our loved ones. Gawande, a Hindu medical doctor, has written a great book for thinking through our end of life issues.
  4. The Next Evangelicalism – Soong-Chan Rah  I read a number of books on multi-ethnic churches.  This was very thought provoking.
  5. On the Run – Alice Goffman A young student reports on life in a poor black community in Philly.  She gives us a gripping account which focuses on the interaction of residents with the justice system.
  6. Preaching – Tim Keller Keller shares his insights on preaching to the heart.
  7. Knowing God – J.I. Packer I first read this as a teen – well worth reading again!
  8. Christ, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper – Leonard Vander Zee  Thoughtful yet readable theological overview of the sacraments. He writes from the Reformed perspective but is charitable with others.
  9. Arrival City – Doug Saunders Millions of poor people are moving from the rural areas of our world to the city. Cities that welcome these newcomers will thrive.
  10. John Knox: Fearless Faith – Steven Lawson This short book gave me needed insight into the seminal figure of the Scottish Reformation.

You can look through all the books I finished in 2016 here. 

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