A Trinitarian Wedding Prayer

This weekend I had the privilege of asking God to bless Oong Lee IMG_2243and Elena Clemente during their beautiful wedding in southern Italy.  I was honoured to be asked. This is what I prayed in English – it was translated line by line into Italian during the service:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. We give you the honour and the praise for this day. We ask that you would receive glory through the lives of Oong and Elena for many years to come.

We thank you Father for the fact that you knew about this day from eternity past and you have already prepared the steps for Oong and Elena together.

Lord Jesus, we thank you that you showed us what love looks like. This is what we see when we look at the cross. You made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live – so that Oong and Elena can live in love.

We pray that their marriage would be rooted in the gospel as they learn to repent to one another, as they learn to forgive one another and as they learn to love each other deeper and deeper as time moves on.

IMG_2267Jesus we thank you that you have not left Oong and Elena alone as they seek to create a life based on love together. For we know that marriage has difficulties – Jesus, you promised that we will have struggles in this life. But you also promised that you would send us your Spirit.

We pray that Oong and Elena would be comforted by the Spirit. As the painful times come, we ask that they would seek your face. We ask that the Spirit would be at work in their hearts that they may seek to put their spouse’s needs before their own. We ask that the Spirit would guide them through all the difficult decisions in life.

Our Father, we give Oong and Elena to you. They are your children and we ask that you would continue to bless them in the days and weeks and years to come. We ask that their lives together would be a testimony to your work.

As the world sees a British-Korean husband and an Italian wife living a life together marked by love and peace, may the world understand your gospel of grace which reconciles us to you and to each other.

We trust you for their future together – bless them and keep them for your glory.

In Jesus name we pray,


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