Come home bloody!

The apostle Peter makes an unusual statement in the opening of his first letter. He states that he is writing to those who have been set apart by God “for sprinkling with his blood”.

This phrase is refers to Leviticus 14, which describes the process by which a leper could be declared clean by the priests. If a person caught a skin disease, then they would be put out of the community so the disease would not spread. Day after day, month after month, the leper lived alone or with other diseased people apart from his wife, his family and his friends. All of his loving relationships severed.

But if in God’s mercy, the leper was healed, he could ask the priest to inspect his skin. If the skin was clean, the priest would sacrifice a bird and sprinkle blood on the man.

Now can you imagine the joy this former leper would feel when he was sprinkled? He could return home! When his neighbors questioned what he is doing back in the community, he could say, “I’ve been sprinkled with blood by the priest. I’ve been declared clean!”

This ancient process points us to the reality we celebrate this Easter weekend. We too can return home by the sprinkling of blood.

The corruption of our lives forces us out of the “home” were designed for – a loving relationship with our Heavenly Father and with other people. But in God’s mercy, He is calling a people to Himself to be healed.

The Father wants us to be in relationship with Him and each other. If you trust in the finished work of Jesus – then you are declared CLEAN! You can return home and move back into the relationships your were created for.

Peter knew that God’s people had been sprinkled by the blood.

May you, as well, know the joy of coming home this Easter.

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