Daddy guides us along the way

Many years ago, I remember helping my kids learn to ride their bike.  They would sit on the bike wobbling around while I stood behind them holding the seat. As 16912426228_6bb4c16e52_zthey started to ride, I would run along gently holding the seat upright when they started to tip over to one side or the other.

After they rode and I ran a block or two, they would yell – “Look Daddy! I can ride my bike.”

Now are they riding a bike? Sort of.  But in reality it was my hand keeping them upright. Without my strength supporting them, they would have found themselves crashing on the street.

In the same way, we Christians can look at our lives and think – “Look everyone!  I have made a decision to repent and believe the good news of Jesus.”

Is this true? Yes – but it is not the full truth.

In reality, it is the hand of our Heavenly “Daddy” who has guided us and then called His child to Himself.  In the same way as I ran behind my kids as they learn to ride a bike, our Heavenly Father is behind the scenes guiding our paths.  He orchestrates the events and relationships that shape our lives unbeknownst to us.

And in the end, He even grants us faith as Paul tells us in Ephesians: For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God (Eph 2:8)

The same God who called you to Himself continues to guide the lives of men and women across this globe.  He’s using events and building relationships to guide His children in unseen but nonetheless powerful ways.  And thankfully He’s a Daddy we can trust to guide us in the perfect way.


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