2016 – the year of change??

Well, it’s here. 2016 – just as we expected it to be. And yet, the new year never does live up to our expectations. We expect change, we make resolutions and yet we wake up in the same bed with the same problems, the same struggles and the same sin patterns as we had in 2015. A new year is not the magic solution to a new life. Screen-Shot-2013-12-30-at-4.09.37-PM

But all is not lost.

Most of us have a desire to deepen our love for Jesus and for those around us. As we repent of our past failures and seek do this, our hearts are changed by the Spirit which then leads to changes in our actions. God has made us responsible beings who are capable of change – we are not robots nor slaves to our past or our passions. But change does not come easy.

As you think about your life in 2016, consider ways in which you need to change. Make plans, set goals and strive for 2016 to be better than 2015. But remember, our days are in the Lord’s hands. And it is by His power that change will come.

It won’t be easy. It will be slow. But 2016 can be different from previous years. Seek the Lord today for the change you want to see over the course of the year. And then go about setting some plans in motion to make it happen.

I’m excited about what God is going to do in 2016. May He bring change to our hearts as we seek to bring change to our actions.

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Chris Hatch

Seeking to love God and neighbor