Quick Book Review: “Listening to Hear”

I just finished reading a short book, Church in a Blues Bar, by Al Dayhoff, who’s a pastor outside of Washington D.C.  He tells the story of sneaking into a local blues bar, embarrassed that patrons would figure out that he’s a minister.  Over time, as he made friends and listened to people’s difficult stories, “Pastor Al” became 51A6q7q2azL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_an accepted member of the group who gathered weekly to hear the blues sung.

As he listened to the bikers, the drinkers, the outcasts and the outlaws at the bar, God slowly opened up doors for the gospel.  Not quickly nor dramatically, but little by little, opportunities opened up to pray with people who were experiencing lost love and tragedy in life.

Dayhoff encourages us to listen. Listen to the stories of life.  Put away our 15-minute evangelism presentation and spend time getting to know people.  Give time for the Spirit to work.

Towards the end of the book, he lists five questions to ask those we meet.  And as he states, “We do not need to do the talking in every conversation. We can ask the big questions and then listen to hear – not to reply.”

Question 1. Where do you believe the world came from?

Question 2. What do you believe about God?

Question 3. What do you believe about Jesus Christ?

Question 4. What do you believe about life after death?

Question 5. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

As you meet people today, are you listening to hear?  Or are you listening so that you can respond with truth?

May we truly hear those around us. May we embrace the pain of life.  And may the Spirit use us, in His time, to bring new birth.


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