Jesus is not Superman

I started a new sermon series at New City IPC this week in the book of Exodus.  The book starts with a list of the sons of Jacob who came to Egypt and then verse 5 tells us that it was 70 people who made the journey down to Egypt were they settled to work and live.

Why do you think the author included these names?  Why does both Matthew and Luke spend time listing all the ancestors of Jesus?  The writers want us to know that Jesus didn’t drop out of the sky like Superman. No – the biblical story is rooted in history.  Jesus was born as a baby just like you and me.

And the same is true in Exodus – the story starts with a family, a real family, who moves to Egypt. It is vitally important that we keep the Bible rooted into history.  This book is not a book of fables or morality tales – good sayings about how to be a good person and live a good life.

Superman has arrived!

The bible is a story – the story of God’s work in the world – starting with Creation, humanity’s rebellion, and then God’s work to bring redemption.  In the end we see pictures of the finished work – what the world will look like after God has brought healing to this world.

A quick way to think about this overarching storyline is “Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration.”  Sunday, I shared this diagram by Jeff Seevers with the congregation which I find helpful: Creation, F, R, and R


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