A bicycle built for two

Spiritual soul care for the Christian is like a father and his son riding a bicycle build for two.  The child is barely hanging on. His feet hardly reach the pedals. tandemBut when they ride past Mum, he yells, “Look Mum, we’re riding a bike together.  WE’RE both pedaling to make it go fast!!”

Now the reality is that if Dad wasn’t there, the little boy wouldn’t be going anywhere. He’d crash and fall on his face.  But in his mind it sure does feel like they are working hard together.

We are called to have control over our soul.  We are called to confess our sins, place our faith in the risen Lord Jesus and walk in faith to serve God with all of our might.

And the reality?

The Spirit is at work behind the scenes.  He’s on moving us forward.  He’s granting us faith.  He’s giving us the power to make good choices with our bodies,with our minds and with our soul.

Take care of your soul and while you do, remember to thank God for the Spirit who is at work in you.

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Chris Hatch

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