Why I’m on Twitter

Recently, my 71 year old father asked me why I use twitter and if he should sign up. Here are the reasons I told him that I find it useful:twitter-logo

1. I deepen my relationship with some of my “real” friends who are on Twitter. Of course, I miss a lot that they post but I find myself a bit more in touch with those friends and family members who post. I also find Twitter helpful in keeping up with people I’ve met briefly at a conference, church or through mutual friends. Being able to keep a little communication going enables me to pick up the relationship the next time we meet.

2. I learn from some “famous” people such as other pastors or writers. @NickKristof, @drantbradley, @EugeneCho, @RickWarren and many others keep bringing new ideas to my mind.

3. Keep up with or find news, blogs and articles that are interesting. I follow some bloggers who might catch my interest with their newest blog post. I also learn about other articles online because many people tweet links to interesting items.

4. Because I am pastoring @NewCityIPC, I want to learn about people in Shepherd’s Bush in West London. Therefore, I follow people i don’t know who have connections in the community to get window into their world.Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.31.09 PM

5. I want to encourage people to grow in their faith, to develop a passion for sacrificially loving others and to develop a broad understanding of the world God has created. I therefore tweet to help people gain a deeper understanding of the gospel, cities, church based mercy ministry, multicultural relationships and anything else I find interesting.

6. I research things quickly on twitter – news items, local events, people, etc. For example: a while back there was a helicopter flying over our neighborhood. Why? Searched and found police where looking for someone who had stabbed a policeman.

7. I just enjoy learning. With Twitter, I’m always discovering little tidbits of information about our world.

Obviously, you are welcome to follow me @LondonHatch.


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