What’s an apostle?

I stumbled upon this video by “Joe” this morning on the definition of an apostle.  This guy’s got some good theology and he shares it in a way that’s understandable and even funny.  (Bet you never thought theology could be funny!!)

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One thought on “What’s an apostle?”

  1. Really enjoyed this guy, his format is clear teaching is top notch.
    However while I think he is going in the right direction I am not sure he is totally bang on. First there are three people in scriptures that are called apostles that don’t fit his requirements (Junia, Apollos, Barnabas). Second he doesn’t take into account that Luke and Paul use the term Apostle differently. Lastly and I may not have got exactly what he was saying here but there are a number of new testament scriptures that were written by non-apostles (Luke for example), how does that fit with “scripture writing” being an exclusive (?) gift of an apostle?
    That being said we need people like Joe to communicate clearly truths/terms like this.

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