One more way to begin loving your neighbour

As a follow-up to my last post, I just thought of one more way you can begin to love your neighbour, especially those neighbours you don’t yet know.

hello-1774Say “Hello”!

Since moving to London over 8 years ago, I have been stuck by how many people, even neighbours, will walk past me without making eye contact.  I know it’s not possible to greet everyone who passes by you on a busy high street, but on a side street, I’ve been surprised at how many people purposely look away as we pass each other.

Yes – I understand that this is part of the London culture.  But I also think it’s part of the culture I’m willing to break.  If you walk past me on a side road, don’t be shocked if I greet you with “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” or even just “Hello”.

Maybe that greeting will lead to a conversation and who knows where that will lead?!

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