9 ways to love your neighbour as yourself

Jesus tells us in Matthew 22 and Mark 12 that the second greatest commandment is to ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’keep-calm-and-love-your-neighbour-10

I understand that I should love those neighbours that I know – those neighbours who are my friends or acquaintances or even my enemies.

But how do we love those neighbours we don’t even know?

Somehow we’ve got to take the first step of entering into the world of those around us if we are going to love them well.  I’ve been thinking about this question and started a list of ideas which I hope will grow over time.

Practical ways to love your neighbour as yourself 

1. Carry booster cables in your car for those times when someone needs a jump

2. Bake cookies for the workers at the corner store

3. Offer to help your neighbour move when you see a “For Sale”  or the moving truck pull up

4. Cook a meal for someone you hear about who is sick, had a baby or is mourning the death of a loved one

5. Help an elderly person carry their groceries or anything else that’s heavy you see them carrying (I wrote about this here)

6. Stop to play football (or any sport) with kids playing in the street

7. During the winter keep extra gloves and hats in the car to give to those you see on the street in need

8. Shovel the snow and ice off the pavement (sidewalk) of those near you, especially the elderly, sick or single mums

9. Make a cup of tea for those working on your street – telephone repair men, street sweepers, etc

I’m sure there are many, many more practical ways to love our neighbors as ourselves. Any suggestions I could add to the list?

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Chris Hatch

Seeking to love God and neighbor

3 thoughts on “9 ways to love your neighbour as yourself”

  1. pavement (sidewalk) lol!
    Yes there are many more ways to love your neighbours
    -find out their names
    -buy them a gift
    -pray for and with them
    -have a party together
    -spend time getting to know them and what they do for work or study or during the week; chances are you will have a common interest you can share
    -bring and share meals in your/their home; eat together
    -do DIY jobs
    -start church with them

    1. Yes – of course these are great ways to love those around us. I was thinking about those initial practical ways to connect with your neighbors before they become friends. After they become friends, then have parties, eat together, babysit, start churches, etc. but we’ve got to start somewhere.

  2. . Care for the environment
    . Pick up litter
    . Guerilla Garden
    . March with those marching
    . Campaign with those campaigning
    . Use residential and community boards to invite people to things
    . Give people space and time to just be
    . Do acts of kindness in secret that cant be traced back to you easily.

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