It scares the sh– out of me

This is a guest post from my long-time friend, Rance Darity, who’s a long-time follower of Jesus

I have to seriously question if Jesus would have been someone I would have hung out with.

We like to sentimentalize about it all. After all, we have the advantage of knowing the end of the story.

But I’m afraid that we are pretty naive about what following him on his mission was really like. In fact, after engaging the evidence for several years now, I’m totally convinced I’d be scared as hell. Even those closest to him abandoned him in the final showdown. You don’t easily stand up to crowds when public opinion has radicalized your own kinsmen into a lynching mob.

Martin-Luther-KingIt would have been something akin to Martin Luther King Jr. showing up at a KKK kkkmeeting deep inside Mississippi in the early 1960’s and calling them out for racism. No, it would have been even worse.

Let’s stop romanticizing who he was. But then again there have been some since who have paid a similar price for following him in our lifetime. Not many, but maybe a few who sealed their faithfulness with violent martyrdom. 

Like I said, it scares the sh- – out of me.Rance

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