Building with “The Builder”

At different times in my adult life, I have worked as a builder. During our time of IMG_2894transition to London, I was able to work on some old run-down houses that my parents bought in St. Louis.  After several months, we were able to bring them back to life.  Because we were the owners of the house, occasionally I would bring my four-year-old son, Kaleb, to the job site with me.

Now Kaleb had a tool belt and a few tools.  I would then give him a job to do.   “Carry those boards over there. Hammer these nails. Sweep this up.”

When the day was over, he could honestly say that he went to work with Daddy. And when the house was finished – he could honestly say, “We remodeled this house together.” He IMG_2111did come to work. He showed up. If nothing else, he made my day a little more enjoyable.

Our battle against the forces of darkness is like this. We go to work with our little tool belt and tiny hammer. We work hard and we tell everyone – “I was in a spiritual battle today.”

That’s right. You are in a battle. But you and I are like a four-year-old going to work with his Daddy to remodel a house.

As Paul starts his description of spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6, he reminds us of this fact:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.”

We should up, we have our tools, we do our best – but when it comes down to it – the battle is the Lord’s!

He is the builder.  We just get to join him at work.  Just like my four-year-old son did many years ago.

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