Hunger Pains

You ever have those times when you walk into the house when you’re really hungry and test-stew-pot6464the food is cooking, but it’s just not time to eat yet?  Your stomach is hurting so your mum might give you a bite but the meal will have to wait.  See it, smell it, taste it but you’ve just got to live with the hunger pains for a little while longer.

The resurrection is similar.

We’ve all walked into God’s kitchen and he’s up to something special.  We see a little hope and we hear a little joy but the meal’s not ready yet. The resurrection of Jesus is not the final part of God’s work.

It’s the new beginning.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is huge. But there is more to come.

We all have hunger pains. We face physical and emotional sickness.  We face relational brokenness. Even morally, we want to do better, but we can’t meet our own standards. We see the pain in our communities in the form of racism, drunkenness, sexual exploitation – the list could go on and on.

But God says “NO! I’m am cooking up to something good.” This world as we experience it is not all there is. You can do more than just medicate yourself through the pain.

The hunger pains are real because this is the way God has made us as men and women in His image. We know there must be something more than the pain we feel in us and see around us.  The resurrection is the foretaste that, yes, there is something more.

Jesus has defeated death. The power of darkness has been broken. God is making all things new. He is cooking up something good!

Christ has risen – He has risen indeed.

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Chris Hatch

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