Quick Book Review: “The Mission of God’s People”

Tonight, I finished Christopher Wright’s 2010 book “The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission” which is part of the “Biblical Theology for Life” series from Zondervan.  I have greatly enjoyed this follow-up to Wright’s massive tome, “The Mission of God”, which I read a few years back over three weeks while on sabbatical in Germany.

Book_mission_gods_people_Wright1I can’t recommend this book high enough for anyone interested in the Christian faith, the role of the church and our individual calling as Christians to live lives which give glory to God.  In the last chapter of the book Wright makes a few points which for me summarized his main point in writing:

“I hope that one of the effects of this book will have been to lift up our eyes to see the glorious richness of the gospel of God. The Bible brings us the most amazing good news that speaks to and can transform every area of human life that is touched by sin (which means, every area of human life there is).”

Wright goes on to give three ways in which we minimize the gospel.

1. “We have tended to separate the individual from the cosmic and corporate dimensions of the gospel, and then we tend to prioritize the first…We are not saved out of creation, but as part of creation that God has redeemed through Christ.”

2. “We have tended to separate believing the gospel from living out the gospel…That is, we seem to think that there can be a belief of faith separate from the life of faith.”

3. “The gospel is good news that needs to be heard and to be seen.  It needs words and deeds. Message and proof.  We have tended to separate these and to prioritize the first.”

Obviously, there is much, much more here to chew on.  It comes in at 301 pages with indexes for both subjects and scripture.  At the end of each of the 15 chapters, there are “Relevant Questions” to facilitate group discuss as I think much of the content would benefit a small group or the leaders of a local church.

Chris Wright is becoming one of my favorite authors/theologians.  After a quick look at his Amazon page, it looks like he has a few other titles I may have to dip into.

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