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Last week I was able to take a day away from London to plan and pray for the new year.  I’ve always found that I need to physically remove myself from my normal surroundings in order to focus Bulstrodeon longer term goals and pray for an extended time.  Thankfully, WEC International’s headquarters at the Bullstrode Manor House is only a 30 minute drive from home.  Depending on their schedule, they often have quiet rooms to spend time alone plus beautiful grounds to walk.

As part of my time, I decided to pray for those people I knew by name in Shepherd’s Bush who were not my close friends or members of New City but those shop keepers, contacts from the homeless film club or ShepBushother acquaintances I’ve made over the past few years. My list grew as I “cheated” a bit by adding a few folks I knew by face but not yet by name.

It was a good exercise for me and as I prayed for God’s blessing upon each individual, I was convicted by how little prayer I’ve given for these individuals whom God has brought into my life.  The friend of a friend, the mum from kids club, the volunteer at the film club – all made in the image of the Almighty and brought into my path for a reason.

I’ve decided to keep my “Neighborhood Prayer List” in 2013.  Jotting down names as I meet new people and occasionally praying through the expanding list.  Who knows how God will develop these various relationships this year?   But I want to do a better job of calling upon the Father to be at work in the lives of people I meet along the way.

Who has God brought into your life recently? Is it time for you to develop a “Neighborhood Prayer List”?

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