Falling and Failing

In Miami, where I lived for a few childhood years, I remember my first bike.  I hated it.  It was purple with a long “banana seat” – this was the 70’s.  I took a hammer and smashed it with as much power as a 5-year old can muster.  Ripped the seat, tore the spokes out and punctured the tires.

It wasn’t the design that disturbed me – it was the fear of falling. And falling meant failure.  I didn’t even want to try the purple bike with the banana seat.

I liked riding my “Big Wheel” – the plastic tricycle that every 5-year old rode around Miami.  Why would I get on two wheels and run the risk of falling when I could ride safely on three?

Eventually I did give up on my Big Wheel for a bicycle.  Failure to learn to ride a bike became a greater motivation than falling over on the bike.

The reality is that I did fall over sometimes as I was learning to ride.  Failure, which in this case meant falling over, is part of the learning process.  And failure is often the key to progress.

Don’t the fear of falling keep you from trying.  And by trying you might even learn to ride.

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