The 10 Social Media Commandments

After reading so much negativity these past few weeks on Facebook, I’ve been think about how I should use social media in a responsible way that is honouring to God and encouraging to my “friends”.

Here are some guidelines that I try to follow –  the 10 social media commandments:
1. Don’t post anything about someone (even famous people) that you won’t say in person
2. Don’t write about yourself too much
3. Don’t write about your significant other without his/her opinion
4. Don’t brag on yourself or your kids
5. Don’t talk about how busy you are
6. Don’t complain or whine
7. Promote interesting content
8. Be charitable to those who differ politically from you
9. Consider how much you should post (even if it’s good content!)
10. Think before you post!!!

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Published by

Chris Hatch

Seeking to love God and neighbor