Our Reputation

 “For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love towards all the saints” ~ Ephesians 1:15

The followers of Jesus in Ephesus (modern day Turkey) had a reputation. Paul says here that he’s heard two things about these people – they were a community of faith and love.

How does a church get a reputation? People have to know about us! We’re not going to get a reputation if we’re just sitting inside worshiping together but never interacting with those outside the walls of the church.

People need to see us together acting in faith and together acting in love in order for New City IPC to gain this kind of reputation.  The church must live out its faith before the community to gain this good reputation.

Pastor Nabors, when he was visiting us in August, said something that stayed with me.  “If your church vanished today – would anyone care?”
If New City dropped stopped and we all moved away – would anyone be upset? Right now – no – but my prayer is that soon, we would get to the point where even those who don’t follow Jesus want us to be in Shepherd’s Bush.
I’m praying that even those who think our beliefs are strange would say they want us here because of the way we love the elderly, the children and the poor in the community.

We’re not there yet, but little by little, I’m praying that people hear about New City.

I want New City IPC to have a reputation.

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Chris Hatch

Seeking to love God and neighbor