The solution may not be the solution

Last night as we were driving to church at New City, my battery light came on.  No problem – everything seemed fine.  But then on the way home the power steering went out.  Oh no!  I fought with the wheel at every turn and thankfully we made it home.

This incident reminded me of an earlier incident I had with the battery of my car soon after I started driving.  My car wouldn’t start, so after getting a jump from a friend, I drove down to the local mechanic.  I asked the elderly man to check my battery because I was sure that I needed new one.  He nodded his head and lifted the bonnet of the car.  He then proceeded to pull out his pocket knife.

At this point, I started to wonder, “What kind of crazy mechanic fixes a battery with a knife?”

Without saying a word, he proceeded to scrape the leads to each terminal of the battery and then muttered, “Try it now.”

Started right up.  No battery needed as corrosion had blocked the electrical connection.

Lesson that I learned:  The solution that I thought I needed was not the solution that I really needed.

How often to do we think we know the answer to the problem we are facing.  We’ve got it all worked out and yet the issue is not moving forward.  Maybe it’s time to step back.  Maybe your solution is not God’s solution.

Maybe the solution that you think you need is not the solution that you really need.

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