You’re a fake!

The other day I was waking through the middle of the park, when I saw a man walking through the grass towards me.  As he got closer, I waved and said, “Good morning” to which he responded, “You’re a fake!”

He then walked closer and screamed, “I know you!  You’re a fake!”

I wasn’t sure what to say.  I smiled and continued walking.

No – I don’t think I’ve ever met the man but his comments shook me up.  Questions entered my mind.

Am I a fake?

I am a Presbyterian minister and seek to teach the bible properly when the opportunity arises.  Do I live up to the words that come out of my mouth?  Not always.

I don’t have any excuses for I know what God expects of me as a man made in His image.  I often think, read, write and speak about issues related to how we humans should act.  And I don’t live up to my own standards.

The law of God is perfection.  And I don’t meet that standard.  I know the law, teach others the law and yet I don’t keep it perfectly.

Does that make me a fake?

Actually no.  Because I don’t pretend to live perfectly to God’s standards.  In fact, I would hope that those around me would say that I’m quick to repent.  Because I know that I’ve fallen short.

And that’s one of the key points of the gospel.

I’ve fallen short but my hope isn’t in my personal achievements as I stand before God.  My hope is in Jesus who didn’t fall short.  Not only did he perfectly obey the law of God, Jesus took the punishment that I deserve for my sin.

Am I a fake?  No – I won’t accept that label.

Do I live up to my own teaching?  No.

Can I admit that?  Yes.

Therefore the man in the park was wrong.

I’m not a fake.

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