A Spiritual Lesson from Jet Lag

I have just returned from a three week trip to the United States and have been hit with jet lag in a severe way.  Can’t sleep when I need to and lethargic when I’m awake.

Just a little nap at my friend’s house after church!

The last few days have been frustrating! There have been several items I wanted to do but I’ve had the hardest time focusing upon the task at hand.  Catching up on emails, calling friends or even reading a serious book have all been pushed to the wayside.

It reminds me of the saying of Jesus:
“The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matt 26:41)

God has created us as whole beings: mind, body and spirit.  When one part of us is “out of whack”, we don’t function as we should.

For example, the lack of sleep impacts my devotional routine. In response, I could “beat myself up” for my lack of prayer.  Or as I did this morning, confess to the Lord that I’m tired and distracted; then try to get back into my normal sleep pattern as soon as possible.

Are there specific times or circumstances when you struggle with sin?  Are you grumpy before dinner?  Do you watch immoral or just stupid things on TV late in the evening?  Is Sunday just a day of stress?

Becoming more like Christ may mean evaluating your sleep, eating and exercise habits more than you realize.  Eating a light snack in the late afternoon may do wonders for your grumpy attitude before dinner.  Going to bed earlier or moving the TV out of your bedroom may help you resist temptation. Planning out Sunday on Saturday evening will change the stress level on the “day of rest”.

None of these decisions seem like spiritual decisions.  But they are.  Don’t kid yourself.  You are one unified human being made in the image of your Creator.  Think and act like the unified being you are.

There’s more I could write, but hey, I’m getting sleepy!

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