Prayer & Slugs

Yesterday we had a day of prayer with the London based WHM guys at a retreat centre just outside the M-25.  Before leaving, I took Theo, our dog, on his morning walk and saw this:

Two slugs crossing the path.  If they made it – I’d be shocked with all the joggers and dog walkers passing through each morning.  For some strange reason, it made me think of the similarities of prayer and slugs.

1. Slugs cannot protect themselves; prayer is an acknowledgement that ultimately, I cannot protect myself.

2. Slugs move slow; prayer forces me to slow down.

3. Slugs can only “see” what’s ahead as light and dark through the eye on top of their antennae; prayer is an admission that I too, only have vague notions of what’s coming ahead in life.

4. Slugs leave a trail of slim behind them in order to lead other slugs to them; prayer is essential as I lead other people.

5. Slugs spend most of their time hidden away with occasional outings after a rain; prayer should primarily be hidden away with occasional outings with others.

6. Slugs seem pointless but (I have found out) they have a huge impact on our world through decomposing; prayer can seem pointless but our Creator God does respond in mysterious ways to the prayers of His people to impact our world.

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