Do you like graffiti?

My son asked me the other day if I like graffiti?

No, I don’t like folks tagging bridges, walls and buildings with random spray paint markings. Private and public property must be protected from vandals who deface whatever they want around the neighborhood.

But not all graffiti is just random spray paint.  I ran across this graffiti while walking my dog this week.











As with much deviate behavior, there is an element of God given talent that, if directed properly, can be used for good.   God has gifted each of us in very unique ways and our challenge is to use our gifts and help others use their gifts for His glory and the world’s good.

I can’t paint like the person who painted the back of these buildings.  But his talent was used to bring a smile to my face as I walked through the back of the park.

Do I like graffiti?

No and Yes

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