Time to hustle

We are back in London after a good visit with family and friends in Nairobi, Kenya.  One of the things that always strikes me about life in Nairobi is that fact that everyone, especially the poor, seems to be involved in business.

During my free time in Nairobi, I finished reading “Triumph of the City” by Edward Glaeser, which I would recommend to anyone interested in cities.  Glaeser states:

“Cities aren’t full of poor people because cities make people poor, but because cities attract poor people with the prospect of improving their life.”

If you are a poor farmer in rural Africa, there is not much hope that your son will be anything but a poor rural farmer.  But if you move to the city, there is a little hope for that your son might move up economically.  In Nairobi these poor people are doing business.  If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

So poor people in Nairobi hustle.

Selling bananas or sweet potatoes by the side of the road:




Or selling ice cream in the middle of the road:Instead of looking at the poor in Nairobi with paternalistic pity, these people inspired me to work harder, to be creative, to take hold of the opportunities God has place before me. To hustle.

Are you just easing through life.  Is it time to hustle?


P.S. Of course if you want middle class shopping – Nairobi has that as well:

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