A London apprentice? (Part 2)

This is the second of a two part post.  Part one is here.

But more importantly, I met a young man with a heart for God.  Of course, I don’t know his heart (only God does), but I did meet a man who seemed serious and thoughtful about his faith.  He expressed a compassion for the hurting, both physically and spiritually.

Skills can be learned and picked up through experience.  But I cannot give a young man the willingness to humble himself before his Creator.  If a future leader knows that he stands before God in need of the grace that only comes from Jesus, then he will be able to handle various stressful situations during an apprenticeship in London.

A person who is resting in God’s grace is able to grow as a humble learner because their identity is not completely tied to their performance.  The more we know deep in our hearts that we are loved completely by our Creator, then the more our self worth is secure in the face of criticism, correction and even failure.

We are not looking for apprentices who have all aspects of their lives together, who have no doubts or questions and are secure in every way.  But we are looking for apprentices who are willing to learn and have the spiritual understanding to allow that learning to happen when life doesn’t go as planned.

I don’t know if we’ll have a German apprentice next autumn, but from what I’ve observed, I believe he might get an invitation.

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