10 reasons the bus is better than the car

Yesterday I helped move a friend, Oli, over to west London because he doesn’t own a car.  On days like that, yes, I am glad that I’m able to drive around London but often I choose to ride the bus.  Here’s the reasons why:

  1. Cheaper in the short term: £1.35 per ride verses petrol and parking costs
  2. Cheaper in the long term: £1.35 per ride verses £0.40 per mile (current UK rate)
  3. Walking to and from the bus stop is healthy
  4. Gives me a chance to randomly meet friends
  5. Reading on the bus is better use of time than sitting in traffic while driving
  6. Allows me to learn about the members of the community I would not normally connect with (Somali teens, older Pakistani women, etc.)
  7. Often quicker and more flexible if multiple stops are needed
  8. View of the community fromThe 607 Bus the top deck is much more enjoyable than the view behind the wheel
  9. It’s better for the environment to have 50 people riding on one bus then 50 cars driving.
  10. It’s less stressful.

Did I miss any?


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2 thoughts on “10 reasons the bus is better than the car”

  1. Being able to ride the bus means you live in a livable city, one that cares about all its citizens – not just those wealthy enough to drives. You live in a city that accepts its diversity – rather than creating structures that force racial and class separation. You live in a real city. (can you tell I’m envious?).

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