Jesus moved – part 2 of 3

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post based on a message from John 1:1-14 given at St. Stephen’s C of E Church in Shepherd’s Bush on Feb 12, 2012.  Part 1 is here.

Secondly, John 1:1-14 lets us know that Jesus came into the world to bring us a better understanding of who God is.  John uses two illustrations here for Jesus – Word and light. What do the words “word” and “light” have in common?

They reveal.

Words reveal what’s in our minds while lights reveal what is hidden by the darkness.
You want to know what God is like?  Look at Jesus.  Jesus said in John 14:9, “Whoever has seen me, has seen the Father.”  What is Jesus like? Full of love, compassion, truth, mercy, justice, humility, goodness, and joy. These are just the beginning of the descriptive words I could use to describe Jesus.  These are also characteristics of God that Jesus reveals to us.

But in addition, Jesus reveals to us who we are. Because he was fully man as well as fully God, we look to him to understand how we humans beings are suppose to be. But you know what happens when I look at perfection? I get depressed because I know that I fall so far short.
Looking at Wayne Rooney or Pele or some other great football player inspires me – sort of. But in reality, I know that I’ll never be able to play football like Rooney or Pele. Now, of course these players are not football perfection, but even their quality makes my football playing look awful.

We gain the same understanding when we look at Jesus.  He models perfection for us but this also makes us aware that we fall so far short.
The incarnation lets us know that God loves us and that He has revealed himself to us.  This is helpful but it still leaves us needing more as our understanding of Jesus brings to light the many ways we are not the human beings we are called to be.

Part 3 tomorrow.

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