What?! Me wait?

Patience is a word I don’t like.

I want things to happen – now. I want people to get behind my ideas – now. I want God to work in the lives of my friends – now.

But life is not like that. God is not like that.

Recently, I was twice reminded of my desire for relationships to work on my timetable. A few years back I met a young man who grew up in Acton and actually became a Christian while at Twyford. After reconnecting with him on Twitter, I suggested we get together for coffee. “Yea – that would be great he responded! But I’m busy right now, how about next month?”

I’ve also become friends with a young couple who live in Shepherd’s Bush as we both volunteer with a local homeless project. After talking with Josephine, I invited them over for dinner. Again – “Great but we’re busy now, how about next month?”

Twice in one week, I was put on hold.  Go away for a month.  A month!  Don’t these people know that I have an agenda!  Yes, I have an agenda but God has an agenda as well.

And His agenda and his timetable as not always the same as mine.

Patience –  a word I’m slowly learning to embrace.

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Chris Hatch

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2 thoughts on “What?! Me wait?”

  1. I think as pastors, or maybe all Christians, we want to see change happen so badly that we sometime force the issue. We can also think our agenda is “of course” God’s agenda which is not always true.

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