Forget you!

As a child or maybe even a few times as an adult, I have screamed at someone in a fit of anger, “Forget you!”  Saying, in effect, that I’m done with this argument and I’m done with YOU as a person.

But now, I don’t have to be angry to forget people – it just happens as my life has gotten more complicated over the years.  I was reminded of this the other day as I read the story of Joseph as he was unjustly sitting in prison.  In Genesis 40, Joseph interprets the dream of the cupbearer of the king who is then released from prison and returns to his job.  The chapter ends with, “Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.”

Now it’s easy for us to relate to Joseph – “Oh my life stinks, no one cares for me”  There is a lesson here for us as God does remember Joseph and he remembers us in our pain.  But I think I often find myself more in the cupbearers shoes then in Joseph’s situation.

The cupbearer moved back into the palace.  Started working.  Life became comfortable.  He did nothing horribly wrong – he just forgot.

I have people in my past whom I have forgotten.  No big fight.  No problem relationally.  We just moved on.  Circumstances changed and our lives didn’t intersect as easily as before.  Some of those friends walked with me through my dark times.  Some were just casual friends who happened to be in my life for a short bit.

Time to remember a few of those guys.  Send them an email or make a call.  I don’t want be like these Muppet chickens taking Cee Lo Green’s advice and happily (or ignorantly) singing “Forget you!”

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