I didn’t marry the right person!

Congrats to my friend, Edd, who asked his girlfriend, Katie, to marry him last week.  Edd bought her this wonderful ring:

But Edd has a problem.  He’s not marrying the right girl.  I know this is true because I  didn’t marry the right girl 18 years ago.  After reading this from Tim Keller, I see that none of us marry the “right” person.

But there is hope for those of us looking for or married to Mr./Mrs. Right (at least they seemed Right on that wedding day!).  Keller does a good job in this article in showing how our marriages bring out both the best and the worst in us.  None of us are Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Marriage changes us but more importantly, marriage is a union of two sinful people.  There are no “right” people.  But there is hope and marriage is an imperfect picture of this hope.

I just bought The Meaning of Marriage by Tim and Kathy Keller last week and will try to read it together with my Mrs. Right over the next few months. So if you see Edd or Katie, congratulate them, but gently remind them that they aren’t marrying the “right” person.

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