The Crowded House

Josephine and I spent this past weekend in Sheffield with 32 other folks learning together through The Porterbrook Network. This is a two year course written by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester, the founders of The Crowded House which is a church in Sheffield as well as a church planting network.

Of their 10 values, the one I find most unique is “Home as the Primary Location of Church”  This is defined as:  “We want a reproducible model of church without any trappings that might impede freedom and flexibility. We are committed to homes as a context for all or most of church life with home shaping the ethos of church. When congregations use other buildings, those buildings will not be viewed as the main focus of mission.”

This has such an impact on church life that I’m still trying to get my head around it.  God is at work in Sheffield and thanks to the work of Timmis and Chester, some of us are being challenged in regards what we think “church” should look like.

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